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Salon managers


All of our Salon Managers are in themselves skilled hairdressers. They love their trade and wish to be strong leaders for their employees. They have a close follow-up with Cutters Operating Manager, and attend social gatherings with other General Managers several times a year.

In addition to hourly wages and commission, our General Managers also have a bonus system. We love to pay commission and bonus to the employees exceed the expectation throughout the year.

Cutters As A Workplace

At Cutters, you start your career by attending our Introductory Course at the Cutters Academy in Oslo.  There you will learn the techniques needed to make the customer have a satisfactory Cutters experience, and also learn how our hairdressers cut hair with quality, and efficiency.

Cutters Academy travels to our Salons to give New and Refresher Courses. It is important to us that our hairdressers are both motivated, and up-to-date.

We think that having social events after working hours are important, so there are often gatherings after closing time – both with and without colleagues from other Cutters Salons.


Why work with us?

What is the reason for working with Cutters?

  • Career Opportunities

    Cutters is continually growing, and because we are growing both nationally and internationally, more and more career opportunities are available to our skilled hairdressers, both in Norway and abroad.

  • Everyone is seen and has the opportunity for ttraining

    We have an excellent onboard programme available to help our employees feel more comfortable, and integrated. All new employees will go through the introductory course at the Cutters Academy.

  • Fair wages

    We pay our hairdressers well, with an hourly salary and commission.

  • Fair internal control and hygiene

    Cleanliness, safety and hygiene are of the upmost importance and placed very high on the agenda of for Cutters. We want Cutters to be a safe and strong work environment, as well an attractive salon for customers to visit.

Storgata 28 a
0184 Oslo Directions oslo_21_cutters_en@example.com 22173500

Amfi Moss

Dronningens gate 3-7
1530 Moss Directions info@cutters.no 22173500

Amfi Vågen

Vågsgata 33
4306 Sandnes Directions info@cutters.no 22175300

Drammen stasjon

Strømsø Torg 1
3044 Drammen Directions info@cutters.no 22173500


Vetrlidsallmenningen 6
5014 Bergen Directions info@cutters.no 22173500

Grorud senter

Bergensveien 2
0693 Oslo Directions info@cutters.no 22173500

Lagunen Storsenter

Laguneveien 1
5239 Rådal Directions info@cutters.no 22 17 35 00


Lørenskog Directions info@cutters.no

Metro senter

Bibliotekgata 30
1473 Lørenskog Directions info@cutters.no 22173500

Oslo City

Stenersgaten 1
0050 Oslo Directions info@cutters.no 22173500

Oslo Lufthavn

Edvard Munchs veg
2061 Gardermoen Directions gardermoen_11_cutters_en@example.com 22173500

Sandens senter

Tollbodgata 14
4611 Kristiansand Directions info@cutters.no 22173500


Gamle Stokkavei 1
4313 Sandnes Directions sandnes_19_cutters_en@example.com 22173500


Madlakrossen 7
4042 Stavanger Directions stavanger_30_cutters_en@example.com 22173500


Storgata 33
0184 Oslo Directions info@cutters.no 22173500


Stortingsgata 8
0161 Oslo Directions info@cutters.no 22173500


Stovner Senter 3
0985 Oslo Directions info@cutters.no 22173500


Barstølveien 29-35
4636 Kristiansand Directions info@cutters.no 22173500


Torggata 18
0181 Oslo Directions info@cutters.no 22173500


Gamleveien 88
1476 Rasta Directions info@cutters.no 22173500


Beddingen 10
7042 Trondheim Directions trondheim_23_cutters_en@example.com 22173500

Ullevaal senter

Sognsveien 75
0840 Oslo Directions info@cutters.no 22173500

Vestre Torggate

Vestre Torggaten 6
5015 Bergen Directions info@cutters.no 22173500


Småstrandgaten 3
5015 Bergen Directions info@cutters.no 22173500

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  •  Aina Veggumsløkken
  • Andreas Kamøy
  • Anita Scharffenberg
  • Charlotte Waade
  • Harald Aalvik
  • Kristian Hauge Solheim
  • Lasse Smedsvig
  • Lene Kobberstad
  • Michal Grzechowiak
  • Sonja Sørheim

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